Natalie Dent  •  Shawn Nuthall  •  Jaclyn Lang

Natalie Dent

For many, Natalie Dentyoga is a gentle massage for time’s aches, a structured path toward greater strength and improved physical prowess.  For Natalie, yoga was the answer to a physical trauma, a skiing accident causing a broken back and near constant pain. A neurosurgeon recommended yoga’s curative powers both to strengthen her core and increase her endurance and flexibility.  After making an astounding recovery healing her mind and body, Natalie adapted her lessons further to enhance and enrich her life and the lives of her two young children.  She is excited to share the gift of yoga’s teachings with her clients on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Natalie’s yoga is a blended approach, taking concepts from her studies that began with training in Asheville, North Carolina under Stephanie Keach at the Asheville Yoga Center.  She gained further insights from yoga greats Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig, Sharon Gannon and Shiva Rea.

Yoga at Blue Mat combines slow and brisk movements, body elongation and articulation, as well as balance and breathing.

Natalie teaches Blue Mat Flow on Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs mornings. She also teaches privates exclusive to Blue Mat.

Shawn Nuthall

Shawn Nutall
Shawn’s unique blend of mindfulness, physicality and humor offers a fresh take on vinyasa flow yoga. Students are invited to flourish in this fun, supportive, challenging yet safe environment. The physical strength yoga brings is only surpassed by the mental courage you will find on your mat. Discover inspiration, laughter, peace and strength in your yoga practice. Get started, stay committed, be strong!

Shawn is a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200) and trained with Amber Favaregh under the guidance of Rolf Gates.

Shawn teaches Flow & Yin, Learning to Fly, and Vinyasa Flow on Tues/Wed evenings and Saturday mornings. He also teaches privates exclusive to Blue Mat.

Jaclyn Lang

Jaclyn Lang
With over 500 hours teaching, Jaclyn’s classes integrate challenging techniques to soothe and sync the body, mind, and soul. Understanding flexibility, balance, compassion, and acceptance has inspired Jaclyn to offer an invigorating full body awareness during each session. Her focus is on body alignment, core strength, range of motion, discovering edges, and centering. She encourages one to listen to the body and challenge the mind’s doubt.

Jaclyn’s integrated background includes Hatha, Ashtanga, Anusara, Acroyoga, Paddleboard Yoga, Kids Yoga, and Buti Yoga. As a former Division II soccer player, Jaclyn naturally executes strength, finesse, and determination. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, she continued her studies at Hari Om Yoga School in Costa Rica with Massimo Monti and Jun Lee overlooking the Caribbean. Experiencing an intense 200 hour training at Samasati Retreat & Rainforest Sanctuary has inspired Jaclyn to embrace pure life in her teachings, enlivening the muscles and supporting our fascinating anatomical structure. She strives to be authentic through whole nutrition and simplistic living. In the future, Jaclyn plans to further her education in organic therapies and nourishment.

Jaclyn teaches Power Flow, Flow & Yin, and Blue Mat Flow on various days throughout the week.