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Group Classes: $20 drop in / 5 classes for $85 / 10 classes for $150
Please note that space is very limited and the maximum class size is 10 participants.  We therefore recommend you reserve your spot in advance online. Note: Passes for 5 and 10 classes will expire after 6 months of purchase date.

Private Classes: $80/hr
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Currently Available

Blue Mat Flow

We pick up the pace in our Flow sessions, combining movement and deep breathing techniques to provide outer alignment, boost physical strength, and enhance suppleness.  Like a slow ballet, the sequence of our Flow yoga postures quickens from Chill’s slow tempo without reaching Power’s accelerated pace, while still allowing deep-breathing to uplift the mind and fortify the body. Beginners welcome.

Ashtanga Mix

Ashtanga mix is based on the traditional primary series of ashtanga yoga, with other variations mixed in, sometimes with postures from the 2nd and 3rd series. Being a sun salute based practice, ashtanga yoga is intended to realign the spine, detoxify the body, build strength, flexibility and stamina. All levels are welcome, although a flow background (sun salutations or power yoga) can be helpful.

Flow & Yin

Flow & Yin class brings the best of two world together, creating an amazingly transformative experience. This class incorporates a challenging vinyasa based flow to build strength, stamina and balance. The Yin portion of this practice is a more meditative approach to yoga, focusing on flexibility and mindfulness. Here you will be holding poses for longer periods of time, targeting the connective tissues of the body to help release deeply stored stress and tension. All levels welcome.

Power Flow

Power Flow is a vigorous practice that is designed to challenge and energize you, incorporating strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. Power yoga is typically taught in a heated studio, so get ready to sweat, have some fun and try and inversion (or three!) All levels welcome, however a basic knowledge of yoga postures is encouraged.

Learning to Fly

In the “Learning To Fly” class, we’ll discover how to safely approach arm balance and inversion poses using modifications and props for maximum results. We’ll explore the physical and mental challenges arm balances and inversions present and we’ll debunk the myth which says a tremendous amount of upper body strength is required to achieve these poses. In this class, you’ll learn to balance and counter-balance your weight and engage specific muscle groups to find your personal edge. Be prepared to try new things and revisit some old favorites as you take your yoga practice to new heights. All are welcome! Everyone can approach the “Learning to Fly” class at their own pace and comfort level. The atmosphere is fun and energetic, free from judgment or intimidation. Take flight and discover the possibilities!

If you are interested in one of the classes below please contact us.

Blue Mat Chill

We take a gentle approach to yoga in our Chill classes, adopting extended-pose postures that reassert the body’s equilibrium and core strength, setting the stage for yoga’s path toward flexibility, balance and body lengthening.  Following the flow of positions and with the assistance of equipment such as bolsters, our Chill classes facilitate gentle body strengthening, enhanced by meditation and deep breathing. Beginners welcome.

Blue Mat Power

We leave our take-it-easy approach in the dust during our Power sessions, delivering the most athletically and conceptually challenging of our yoga classes through advanced choreography and musical accompaniments that culminate in a finale of serenity and relaxation.  The class is fast-paced to effectively tone and tighten the body’s core.

Barre Physique

We have designed an efficient and enjoyable 45-minute workout combining the beautiful precision of ballet with the mental focus of yoga. Incorporating our studio’s ballet barre, we advance through a nonstop series of ballet-inspired movements to tighten & tone the upper body, lower body and core. Beginners welcome.

Blue Mat MASS

We have designed a private yoga session specifically for men, providing an anti-aging and stretching program that deepens flexibility while enhancing and restoring the body’s sense of equilibrium, strength and energy. Contact Blue Mat to schedule a private session.